Wednesday, May 1, 2013

When Dogma Dies

I haven't written much about Presbyterian stuff over the last ten months. This caught my eye.  Los Ranchos Presbytery in California had a discussion about religious beliefs.  They are calling it a  discernment season.  Some congregations are leaving the PC(USA) as I wrote about here.   This conservative presbytery gathered a panel to address theological questions.    Conservatives are concerned that the PC(USA) is rejecting their fundamental beliefs.  Apparently, the point of this exercise was to determine how heretical the denomination has become in order to justify packing up the hymnbooks and leaving.

I wish I were on the panel.  I could have provided some diversity.   But it isn't just me.   If you listen to any of my interviews on Religion For Life, a common theme emerges.   Dogmatic religion is not interesting.   Many of us are moving away from exclusive claims ("Jesus is the only way") and literalism ("bodily resurrection") at light speed.   It will take a long time before official documents reflect the changes, but what these three guys are debating is akin to the number of angels dancing on a pin head.

I don't care what anyone believes.  I do care when the conservatives try to impose their beliefs.  They want everyone to believe as they do.  Hopefully, when they see that this cannot be done, they will either live and let live or leave and let live.  

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  1. "Dogmatic religion is not interesting.." Yes, as the saying goes, "They know the answer before they even hear the question". Who has time to engage in that?