Thursday, April 18, 2013

Programming Update

I have recorded interviews with Gary Laderman, Candida Moss, Lloyd Geering, Matthew Fox, Bob Cornwall, Ted Olson, Mo Sabri, Thomas Hill, and Marcus Borg.   They will air in the coming weeks.  I have interviews scheduled with Sallie McFague, David Felton, Val Webb, and Becky Garrison.  

If you click the links on the names you can get an idea of what we will discuss.    This radio program is more fun than I imagined.  I am linking two loves, radio and religion and meeting interesting new people.  If you have been listening to Religion For Life, thank you!  

You can find detailed information about upcoming shows here and podcasts here.

Within the next month I am going to be putting together a portfolio to send to prospective radio stations.   I am going to need some testimonials about the program.  If you like the program and would like to say why and give me permission to quote you, that would help a great deal!   If you would like to hear Religion For Life in your area, let me know where you live and I will make sure to contact a station near you!   I can send it anywhere in the country (or to other countries for that matter!)

Currently it airs on WETS/Johnson City, TN, WEHC/Emory, VA, and WHAN/Ashland, VA.

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