Saturday, April 6, 2013

Matthew Warren

I just read the news about Rick Warren's son, Matthew, who suicided on Friday.   My heart aches.  For the Warren family this is all so public.   Part of me says that news articles shouldn't allow comments.   So much ignorance and cruelty.

With Zach, we weren't even 100% certain it was a suicide.  Then for us to say the word to ourselves and then to others took weeks.  Within a few hours, it is all over the web for Pastor Warren and family.   And I thought I lived in a fishbowl.

Already I see parallels with Matthew and Zachary.   Both were compassionate.  Both suffered from depression.  Both were not saved by mental health treatment.    Both leave survivors whose lives are changed forever.

Rick and Kay and family, I am so, so sorry.  You are embraced.

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