Monday, February 18, 2013

Daniel Dennett on Religion For Life

My conversation with Professor Daniel Dennett was most enjoyable.  He spent over an hour with me so I was able to make two shows out of it.   The podcast of the first show will be up tomorrow and the second show starts Thursday on WETS and Sunday on WEHC.

In the second show he talks about his work with Linda LaScola regarding clergy who no longer hold supernatural views.   They published a paper in 2010 entitled Preachers Who Are Not Believers.   In this paper, they summarize interviews with five clergy who don't believe the creeds but are still ministers.    I highly recommend it.

When the article was published I wrote about it at Shuck and Jive.   Here are a couple of posts that touch on the issues raised in the paper by Dennett and LaScola.
  1. Definition of Religion 
  2. The Code 
If religion is going to evolve and move beyond its supernatural past, we will have to break the code.   We have to discuss the items that the code told us were taboo.   And that is risky.

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