Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Team Zach Attack

In honor of her brother, my amazing daughter ran a half-marathon in Nashville on November 10th.   Here she is at mile 12.

She has some pretty amazing friends who ran with her as well.  Trista, Amber, and Beth to Katy's left.  Tiny Tim (Tom of Tom, Michelle, and Coop) is to her right.   Katy's Aunt Lora to the right of Tiny didn't even train.  She just showed up by surprise from New Jersey and ran.   She is Wonder Woman.

Coop and Elvis cheered.

 Here is Lora at Mile 12.  Still smiling.

Here is the family.  Coop, Tom, Lora, Katy, Michelle, Lovely, and me.  No, I did not run.  I break a sweat when I drive 13.1 miles.   OK.  Maybe next time.  If the run is like 50 yards or so...

Team Zach Attack.    

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  1. Awesome! I am like you, John, driving makes me sweat. But I sure can appreciate the unbreakable love behind this effort. To paraphrase Neil Young: Team Zach, long may you run!